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The Finnish Society for Rural Research and Development

The Finnish Society for Rural Research and Development

The Society Maaseudun uusi aika (MUA), The Finnish Society for Rural Research and Development, promotes and develops Finnish rural research, rural development work and Interaction between rural researchers and developers. It also participates in rural policy and social policy discussion. The society was established in 1999 and currently has about 170 members.

The members are rural researchers, developers and other persons actively involved in rural development or representatives of the rural administration.

The most important activities of the society are annual meetings of rural researchers, Finnish Journal of Rural Studies and the MUA forum. The expert network of society comprises of rural researchers, civil servants and active members of local rural action groups. The membership fee of society includes as a membership benefit a yearly subscription of the Finnish Journal of Rural Studies. Furthermore, all members receive a discount from the participation fee of the annual meeting.

The membership fees are 25 euros/year for individual members and 100 euros/year for Society/Institutional members.

The Finnish Society for Rural Research and Development also communicates with foreign rural researchers and rural developers, and co-operates with scientific societies and other societies involved in rural development.

The society’s position in the Finnish rural policy field is strong. It places initiatives pertaining to rural policy and rural development, as well as plans and implements rural research. The society participates in co-operation and social discussion pertaining to rural development and rural policy, also with other scientific societies and other societies within the field of rural development.

For additional information about the society and its activities, please contact the chairperson at


Yhdistys edistää ja kehittää suomalaista maaseutututkimusta, osallistuu maaseutupoliittiseen ja yhteiskunnalliseen keskusteluun ja on mukana maaseudun kehittämistyössä.

Yhdistys on kaikille avoin. Tervetuloa mukaan toimintaan!

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