CFP: The deadline for abstracts and poster requests is 12 June 2017

Working Groups:

  1. Added value from LEADER – what, how, for whom, and how much?
  2. Collaboration models in a circular economy – effects and potential
  3. Digitalisation and agency
  4. People from far and near – immigrants in the countryside
  5. Is a farmer an actor or a bystander in rural areas?
  6. Social capital and sustainability as success factors for small rural companies
  7. The home region viewed close up and from a distance
  8. Location-based well-being in rural areas

The 25th Conference on Rural Research will be held in Leppävirta, Eastern Finland, at Hotel Vesileppis on 31 August 2017. The theme this year is  ‘countryside on our doorstep’.

The meeting programme comprises of invited presentations, discussions, working group activities, and relaxation.

The working groups offer the participants the opportunity to explore matters related to rural companies, digitalisation, the role of farmers in the development of the countryside, immigrants in rural areas, and the LEADER programme.

The conference is suitable for everyone with an interest in the countryside, from researchers and developers to local authority staff.

The conference is free of charge, and it serves as an excellent introduction to the Rural Parliament. The conference will be held in Finnish.

You are invited to explore and discuss topical matters related to the countryside by

The Finnish Society for Rural Research and Development
The National Local Food Co-ordination Project
Northern Savo Village Association

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